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The forest products sector is estimated to contribute about 1% of world gross domestic product and to account for 3% of international merchandise trade (FAO 2010). In Uganda, forest products sector contributes 6.1% to GDP. However, this is an underestimation given that the value of non-wood forest products and the environmental services of forests is difficult to estimate in economic terms. The emerging markets for environmental services - including carbon trading may have a considerable impact on future projections of trade in forest products and services making forestry more profitable.
Forest Products and Services Research programme (FPSRP) is one of the research programmes at NaFORRI that spearhead research in forest products and services. Forest products and services are the benefits that accrue from forests and they are the reasons people plant or conserve forests. Forest products include wood products (e.g.  firewood, charcoal, timber and poles) and Non-wood forest products (e.g.  rattan canes, wild fruits, nuts, medicine, edible insects, oils, gums, mushrooms, honey, resins and bamboo). The forest services include climate regulation, water catchments and flood control, soil and water conservation, nutrient storage and recycling, carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation; and recreation—all of which are important to the economy, livelihoods and environment. FPSRP takes lead in generating socially, economically and environmentally feasible technologies in utilization of forest products and services. This is achieved through conducting high quality market responsive scientific research focusing on wood products, non-wood forest products (NWFPs), bio-energy, ecosystem services and adaptation and mitigation of climate change. The program disseminates research finding to stakeholders through demonstrations, exhibitions, open days, publications and trainings.
Forest products are very important to the socio-economic wellbeing of local communities. Forest adjacent communities usually depend on forests for a number of products including poles, fuelwood, honey, mushrooms, herbal medicines, etc. Some of these products are marketable in the local markets and can contribute to household income. Unfortunately the harvesting, processing and utilisation of these forest products is inefficient, wasteful and unsustainable. Research in FPS offers opportunities for improved productivity and utilisation of   forest products and could enhance development of forest based industries.

Main Objective

To generate and disseminate socially, economically and environmentally feasible technologies for utilizing forest products and services

Specific objectives

  • To generate and disseminate technologies for efficient harvesting, processing and sustainable utilization of wood
  • To develop and disseminate efficient harvesting, processing and utilization technologies for non-wood forest products
  • To develop and disseminate technologies for sustainable utilization of bio-energy resources
  • To generate and disseminate information on the values of forest ecosystem services for sustained economic growth, environmental protection and livelihood enhancement
  • To identify alternative funding options for research and development in forest products and services

Ongoing Projects

1. Enhancing commercialisation of wood and Non-Wood forest Products
2. Utilisation of biomass energy technologies and biofuels for domestic and industrial use in Uganda
3. Determination of relative carbon sequestration capacities of selected tree species in Uganda
4. Broadening the utilization base for agro-waste use in the provision of briquette fuel for enhancing environmental services and income to farming households
5. Converting wood waste into alternative products for additional income generation and sustainable utilization of tree resources in Uganda
6. Unlocking the potential of bamboo through product development and commercialization in Uganda


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