Information Communication Unit

Information Communication Unit

Welcome to NaFORRI’s Information and Communication Unit Services page

The Information Communication Unit coordinates the Library, ICT, Communication, Telecommunication Infrastructure and Services in NaFORRI. This ensures that the users of the Library, ICT and Telecommunication services have access to the appropriate services to support NaFORRI business functions.

Library Services

NaFORRI offers The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (TEEAL) a digital library of the Cornell University (New York, USA) on the Local Area Network (LAN) and an online account with AGORA of Food and Agriculture Organisation. These two agricultural research databases enable library users especially researchers get access to E-essential research materials. 
In addition, the library has reading space for library users and some hard copy reading and research material.

Telecommunication Infrastructure and Services

NaFORRI offices are connected via an intercom system to enable efficient and effective communication within the institute while the intercom system is connected to the leased/subscribed telecom lines for outgoing calls.

Information Communication Technology Services

The use of ICT in research and communication brings about effectiveness and efficiency in the way we work in NaFORRI. NaFORRI continually utilizes advancements in ICT to enhance research by using ICT tools and methods in both hardware and software. In this line, internet services for communication, information sharing, technology dissemination and access to E-resources are provided.   NaFORRI provides computing devices for information processing/storage (PCs, Servers), control systems and data capture (GPS, scanners, cameras) with vital processing software (statistical packages SPSS, MINITAB, office tools and GIS, accounting packages, databanks) and related training to ensure productivity.

In running day to day activities, attention is given to the following:

  1. NaFORRI internal ICT regulations
  2. NARO Information Communication Technology  policy
  3. National Information Technology Authority – Uganda
  4. Uganda Communications Commission (UCC)
  5. Ministry of Information Communication Technology - Uganda Policies and Guidelines
  6. International ICT Standards.


Today, technology moves like the speed of light, we need to pay attention to details.

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