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 Regional Eastern and Central Africa Agricultural Transformation Project-
ECAAT P162416

 Under the planned ECAAT project, the National Forestry Resources research Institute (NaFORRI) will contribute through the National Centre of Specialization in Land Husbandry Management. Land degradation as a result of soil erosion and nutrient mining has created a pressing need for the development and adaptation of technological packages to check the negative trends of land productivity. Land husbandry and natural resources management is mainly handled at the National Agricultural Research Laboratories (NARL) – Kawanda and the National Forestry Resources Research Institute (NaFORRI). NaFORRI has the full mandate of forestry research in the country with the requisite infrastructure and expertise. Uganda currently has no tree seed bank and as a result, problems of tree seed quality and availability have continued to hinder quality and productive forestry technology development. Hence, at NaFORRI, the infrastructural development for agroforestry will be the establishment of a tree seed bank. In the face of climate change, a tree seed bank will ensure that valuable tree species are conserved thereby saving them from extinction, and sustainably provide the much needed tree germplasm.

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